Improving your horse’s performance

In order to improve your horse’s performance both in terms of sports performance as well as breeding performance (for example, one foal a year per mare), you evidently should take into consideration (for sports horses) factors such as genetic make-up, exercise and also the type of “fuel” (feed) your horse is given.

These three parameters are essential and cannot be separated.

Balanced feeds, i.e. feeds developed by equine nutritionists (veterinary surgeons, agricultural engineers) with an in-depth understanding of horses’ needs together with the nutritional properties of raw materials, are therefore available on the market for that particular purpose.

These feeds, manufactured from “traditional” raw materials, are developed on the basis of equestrian sports activities and/or the horse’s stage of development.

Highly targeted super-premium feeds are now available in order to optimise equestrian performance.

The ROYAL HORSE range is the perfect example.

Above all, in order to improve your horse’s performance, you must not be led to believe that giving your horse a wide and varied range of supplements, even very good quality supplements, will automatically improve performance.

These “treatment courses”, given randomly and without any real knowledge of the effective quantities, often result in unbalanced rations and high costs, with none of the desired improvement in performance.

Ask your specialist technician or veterinary surgeon for advice, and read the instructions shown on the labels and product technical data sheets.