Regarding your horse or pony’s weight

The rations usually described are determined for horses weighing an average of 500 kg ; for ponies weighing 250 kg, halve the stated quantities.

From birth to 1 year: this period is vital for your foal’s musculoskeletal development. Foals should be given special feeds with a high amino acid, whey and energy content.
Grass alone is not sufficient for building future athletes.
Too many foals develop disorders affecting the joints and tendons making a future sports career impossible.

2 to 4 years: from 2 years onwards energy requirements are proportionally higher than protein requirements compared with the first year.
Rations should cover growth requirements and should have a balanced mineral and vitamin content in order to prepare for your horse’s future career.

4 to 20 years: your horse or pony’s age and physical condition will determine the duration of daily exercise.

Consistent rations are essential for a balanced intestinal flora.
Rations will be adapted according to your horse’s level of work over the longest period possible without random fluctuations which would disrupt the very delicate intestinal flora balance.

Refer to the different equestrian disciplines for the choice of feed.