A horse shelter

It is of course essential to build a shelter for horses out in the field. 

Care must be taken in the construction if the horse is to use it! 

  • The first rule is to make the opening on the opposite side to the prevailing winds. Then the horse will be happy to go in. 
  • It should also be big enough for all your horses and/or ponys to get in at one time, or individually if you want to avoid problems related to “dominated” and “dominant”. 
  • For the best results bedding should be of straw. 
  • Wheat straw bedding is the most suitable for a horse and needs to be changed, like in a stall, once a week. Here, hay can also be fed in the dry. 
  • Mangers can also be fixed inside, as well as the essential mineral licks. 
  • To avoid mould and insect infestation the best method is to use a wide spectrum disinfectant to destroy bacteria, viruses and mould spores. 
  • Regular maintenance means it will last over time. 

A comfortable shelter will enable your horse to get through bad weather without losing condition. 

Don’t forget that horses hate wet, cold and damp weather and that their respiratory systems are delicate. 

Set up a vaccination programme with your vet.