The intestinal flora balance is particularly delicate in the horse. 

Colic (intestinal spasms) may be caused by a number of different factors : 

  • Irregular feeds 
  • Excessive feeds 
  • Insufficient number of feeds 
  • Fluctuating rations 
  • Excess protein (alfalfa, soya, etc.), starch (cereals), sugar (carbohydrates) relative to the horse’s daily requirements and weight 
  • Forage quality (mouldy, dirty hay, etc.) 
  • Insufficient quantities of hay 
  • Excessive ingestion of inedible artificial bedding or straw 
  • Check the quality and quantity of available water every day, along with water temperature 
  • Monitor drinking after exertion (water at room temperature) 

Aggravating factors: weather conditions (sudden changes in temperature, stormy weather, etc.) 
Ask your veterinary surgeon and specialist technician for advice;