Zinc chelate

What’s zinc used for?

Zinc is a trace-element which can be found in all cells of the organism and which plays an essential role at different levels.

Zinc is involved in the immune process, smell, taste and vision, blood coagulation, thyroid hormone functioning, growth and reproduction.

A zinc depletion can lead to severe consequences regarding organism, and can cause slower cicatrizations, skin infections, growth delays, dysfunction of genital system or taste troubles.


Why do we give Zinc Chelate?

Trace-elements chelation:

Feed chelates are complex linking trace-elements to amino acids (like methionine).
They are stable and able to protect trace-elements, making their absorption, transport and storage inside organism easier.

Results obtained with Zinc Chelate:

  • Treatment of some inflammatory dermatologic troubles,
  • Stimulation of natural defences and protection of infections,
  • Delay in macular degeneration (disease of the retina).