Bosty, European Champion

Roger-Yves Bost, French rider of Team Royal Horse, was crowned champion of Europe Jump to Herning in Denmark on 24 August 2013. 

Saddle up on Castle Forbes Myrtille Paulois owned by Lady Georgina Forbes after 5 faultless 5, this victory is a vindication for the horseman, world champion team in 1990 in Stockholm, Sweden.


The French Roger-Yves Bost won the individual title of European Jumping Championships, with 1.58 point on the mare Myrtille Paulois, taking his time on a controlled end to end journey Saturday in Herning (Denmark).

The rider of 47 years, world champion team in 1990, and received his first major individual victory, beating Denmark Britons Ben Maher (Cella / 4.00 pts) and Scott Brash (Hello Sanctos / 6.72 pts).

Just outside of the final podium, Bost was the only rider not to drop bar in five courses on the daugfhter of Dollar du Murier, world champion team in 2002 in Jerez de la Frontera (Spain).

Credit photos: SCOOPDYGA