H 300

Complementary pelleted feed with forage


  • for race horses
  • to support intense effort
  • to facilitate recovery

Complementary pelleted feed with forage specifically formulated for nutritional requirementof race horses.
H 300 provides the ideal energy for race effort.

  • Increased dietary cation-anion balance contributes to recovery after exertion.
  • Supplemented with L-carnitine, an essential nutriment for effort, which boosts the use of the energy compounds coming from fats.
  • Supplemented with Pre-biotics: MOS (Mannan-oligosaccharides), bio-regulators of intestinal flora that help protect the digestive transit
  • Contains elite antioxidants, a mix of vegetable antioxidants: reduces the effects of oxidation, it boosts muscular effort and facilitates recovery.

Sold in bag (25 kg) 

Ration divided into 2 or 3 feeds with unrestricted clean water. 

Ration for a 450 to 500 kg horse on straw bedding 

H 300 : 5 to 7.5 kg (7,5 to 11,5 litres)

Meadow hay: 5 kg (provides long digestible fiber)

Rations to be modulated according to the state of the horse and the intensity of physical activity.

 kg as basis

Equine forage unit (EFU)


Equine digestible calories (Kilocalories)


Equine digestible nitrogen matter (g EDNM)   


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