S 350

Complementary flaked feed with forage


  • for older horses  (from 20 years on average).
  • to protect the digestive system
  • to boost muscular control


Complementary  flaked feed with forage formulated for the welfare of horses seniors (from 20 years on average).

  • Supplemented with Pre-biotics: MOS (Mannan-oligosaccharides) bio-regulators of intestinal flora that help protect the digestive transit.
  • Vitamin E supplement (200 IU/kg) and Organic Selenium which, through their complementary anti-oxidant action, help protect the cells in order to boost muscular control.
  • Provision of artichoke extract in order to improve gastric secretion (Dyspepsia).

Sold in bag (25 kg)

Ration divided into 2 or 3 feeds with unrestricted clean water.

1 litre = 450 grams

Standard daily ration for a horse weighing 500 kg
S 350: 2.8 kg (6.2 litres)
Meadow hay: 5 kg (provides log digestible fibre)
Wheat straw beeding

Ration for artificial bedding
S 350: 2.8 kg (6.2 litres)
Meadow hay: 8 to 9 kg

Ponies weighing 250 kg: halve the quantities shown.

Ration without hay:  encourage consumption of straw


per kg as fed basis

Equine forage unit (EFU)


Equine digestible calories (Kilocalories)


Equine digestible nitrogen matter (g EDNM)   


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