Certification and CNEF

A set of indicators has been created in order to monitor the performance of each process.
Furthermore, in-house audits are regularly carried out in order to ensure compliance with the procedures in force.

A highly stringent control programme for raw materials and ROYAL HORSE finished products enables specific analytical monitoring of each ingredient.

The automated systems on the production lines guarantee the traceability of each batch manufactured: measured quantity of each raw material, etc.

Royal Horse is a member of the CNEF (French Equine Nutrition Club)

Established in 1994, the CNEF is the Equine Commission for the two feed manufacturer unions in France, SNIA and Coop de France.

Its aim is to promote equine nutrition in collaboration with institutions and veterinarians, etc.

ROYAL HORSE products are manufactured in plants that have OQUALIM certification, attesting to the use of best practices in composite feeds production, and that comply with the CNEF Quality Charter.