Who are we?

With over 40 years of experience, ROYAL HORSE is a leader in the equine nutrition market across the globe.

ROYAL HORSE makes balanced feeds, developed by veterinarians and equine nutritionists. The aim is to guarantee top performance from horses, whether ridden for pleasure, sport, competition or racing, or used for breeding.

Royal Horse is sold worldwide through its subsidiaries and efficient export service. Its international presence can effectively respond to any request on the planet. For example, you can find Royal Horse in Brazil, Mexico, Spain, Morocco, Indonesia ...

Come meet us at the biggest international horse fairs!

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ROYAL HORSE is marketed by teams of specialists, keen to provide what there is of better nutrition. This expertise in equine diet enriched through contact with professional institutions (equestrian centers, stables, research institutes) prestigious stables and great champions that make up the Team ROYAL HORSE.