Research and Development


For over 40 years, ROYAL HORSE invests in research in equine nutrition based on solid experimental farms network, coordinated by the R&D Department of Neovia.

Neovia has a strong innovation capacity in animal nutrition with:

  • an international presence in 18 countries,
  • a team of nearly 140 experts in animal nutrition
  • a global network of 13 experimental stations based in France, Brazil, Mexico, India, Indonesia and Vietnam.

ROYAL HORSE benefits from the expertise of InVivo Labs, the analysis laboratory network, which enables it to ensure the quality and safety of raw materials and finished products in the range.

Furthermore, ROYAL HORSE works with the top research teams in the field of equine nutrition for competition horses in France, such as ENESAD in DIJON (France), and also at an international level.

This research has led to a number of recognised innovations in the field of equine nutrition:

  • For example, as early as 1972, ROYAL HORSE launched TRADITION, the no. 1 equine flaked feed, developed in collaboration with the SAUMUR Ecole Nationale d’Equitation [French National Equestrian School] and marketed with a great deal of success.
  • Likewise, back in the 1990s, ROYAL HORSE introduced an intestinal flora bioregulator (Paciflor) into the entire range to help prevent digestive disorders in horses.
  • In 2001, increase the quality of his products introducing MOS * (bio regulators sugar complex for the intestinal flora) into the entire range in substitution of Paciflor.

This concern for constant innovation is demonstrated by the availability of high-performance original feeds, justifying the reputation of the ROYAL HORSE brand in the equestrian world.