How to adapt rations to your horse’s or pony’s weight

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While giving your horse quality feed is essential its welfare and performance, it is equally essential to adjust its ration to its weight and workload, and the quantity and number of feeds should be regular.

Why should I split my horse’s ration over the day?

Despite a horse’s size, it has a small stomach requiring regular gastric drainage. Too frequent drainage can overwhelm the enzymatic digestion capabilities of the small intestine, increasing the risk of diarrhoea and pain from gut stasis.

Give your horse a ration adapted to its weight

The rations usually described have been determined for horses weighing an average of 500 kg; for ponies weighing 250 kg, halve the stated quantities.

Choose a suitable feed for your foal

Birth to 1 year is a vital period in your foal’s musculoskeletal development. Foals should be given special feed with a high amino acid, whey, and energy content.  A grass-only diet is not sufficient to build a future athlete.

Too many foals develop joint and tendon disorders making a future sports career impossible.

Give your young horse an appropriate ration

After 2 years old, energy requirements are proportionally higher than protein needs compared with the first year. Rations should cover growth needs and should have a balanced mineral and vitamin content to prepare your horse for its future career.

For racehorses which start work at a much younger age, specific diet support should be set up with programmes that are different from other recreational or sports activities.

Give your horse rations adapted to its workload

Rations are essential for balanced gut flora. They must be adapted to your horse’s average workload without any random fluctuations that would upset the delicate balance of gut flora. As a response to any type of activity and to limit concentrate feed intake, Royal Horse offers a wide range of products classified by energy level  and effort type (long or short) related to the discipline you practice.


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