Is biotin necessary to improve hoof condition?

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There are a lot of feed supplements on the market. Many are biotin supplements including complexes of trace elements. Biotin is an active ingredient that promotes hoof, mane/tail, and coat growth. A glossy coat and good hoof growth are the result of proper nutrition. To improve the condition of your horse’s coat or hooves, you need to give it feed with a higher concentration of vegetable oil or give it several courses of biotin over the year to treat a specific problem.

Biotin improves horn quality

Horse hooves need special care.

If your horse’s hoof is in poor condition, you must try to identify the reason.

Often, poor hoof condition is due to damp paddocks or stabling conditions where bedding is not changed regularly resulting in the hooves being in constant contact with wet straw.

Effect of biotin on horse skin

Biotin also has an effect on the horse’s coat, making it glossier and sleeker. Beyond purely aesthetic considerations, biotin also reinforces the skin, which is the horse’s the first barrier against a variety of external aggressions, hence the interest of giving your horse biotin.

Biotin supplements good nutrition

A diet solely based on grain mixes rather than balanced feed also  deteriorates hoof condition over time.

However, high-quality feed that is perfectly balanced in copper, zinc, sulphur, amino acids and biotin (vitamin H) prevents hoof deterioration.

Effective as a course of one month

Biotin courses are effective if given as daily quantities of 20-30 mg for at least 8 months to restructure damaged hooves.


Royal Horse recommendation : C-400 – complementary feed that reinforces horn structure, Hoof Activ Repair

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