C600: how should you condition your horse?

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Competition horses are true athletes: like all sports, they must have a healthy lifestyle and their nutrition monitored. Both the horse’s results and its health depend, among other things, on the care given to its nutrition. A standard diet is not always sufficient to cover the needs of competition horses. Sometimes, feed specifically designed for the type of competition or event (long or short) must be used. These competition or race horses can be given optimal conditions to win through the use of specific feed supplements to help them prepare their muscles for stenuous exercise. How should you condition your horse? Why supplement their diet with C-600? What are the benefits of this feed supplement? How and when should it be administered? We answer all of these questions in this article.

Conditioning your horse: our advice

Several factors must be taken into consideration to properly condition your horse.

This is the key to success for optimal performance.

A competition horse must always be prepared well several weeks before its competition or event. This starts with proper training: a well-muscled and prepared horse is much less likely to injure itself and will recover more easily. Regular work is therefore necessary to help the horse to gain muscle mass and then maintain it gently.

Taking the horse’s recovery into account and giving it special care after a competition or event is also essential. This promotes the return to normal of the horse’s heart rate and breathing while protecting it from stiffness and pathologies associated with too much exercise. For this, we strongly advise you to help your companion recover using an active method, such as walking or trotting it at a regular pace. You can also use passive methods, such as applying external care products or massages, to help your horse recover.

Do you want to condition your horse and help it recover after competitions? There are feed supplements available to support muscles during training and provide your horses with the best possible post-training recovery.

Feed supplements for horses: what are they?

Good diet means providing the right feed for your horse according to what it does. Feed supplements are sometimes necessary to meet specific requirements, such as conditioning for horses performing strenuous physical exercise. They are usually given on an ad hoc basis in order to condition and help it regain good physical condition. They can:

  • protect joints
  • maintain muscle mass
  • improve performance
  • help eliminate toxins more quickly
  • promote a quick and full recovery after strenuous exercise

What is C-600?

C-600 or Athlete Effort Recovery is a feed supplement for horses performing strenuous and repeated exercise. It comes in the form of very complete pellets. It has various benefits, such as improving muscle performance and cardiac function. It also allows horse to better eliminate toxins after exercise.

What does C-600, feed supplement for horses, contain?

C-600’s properties are based on the combination of two active ingredients: AOELITE®, a plant complex of antioxidants and a microalgae species highly concentrated in DHA (a fatty acid from the omega 3 family, intended to improve heart function. Athlete Effort Recovery is manufactured using a cold granulation process under the supervision of a team of veterinary surgeons and nutritionists. This method preserves the properties of the nutrients used in it and ensures the welfare of your horse during and after exercise.

How should you administer Athlete Effort Recovery?

This nutritional supplement should be administered during training and pre-training. As such, it is not to be administered all year round, only when the horse is performing strenuous and repeated exercise. C 600 should ideally be administered in the evening ration, at a rate of two doses of 50 grammes per day on average.

Results with Royal Horse’s C-600

Royal Horse conducted a study on several horses in real life conditions. We tested horses that were administered Royal Horse’s supplement against other horses fed with a conventional feed. Horses administered C-600 horse feed supplement responded better to exercise. The heart rate at rest was more constant in the subjects observed.

The velocity of exercise at 200 beats per minute or V200 (a parameter used to monitor the progress of training) was also higher than that of horses with a diet not including food supplements. Finally, toxins generated by strenuous exercise were eliminated more quickly and at higher levels. 24 hours after exercise, horses administered a Royal Horse supplement eliminated twice as much toxins as other subjects.

Choosing the right feed supplements for your horse

You have understood it, C-600 is a feed supplement only suitable for horses regularly performing strenuous exercise (endurance, eventing, racing). Do you want to promote the harmonious development of your foals and stud horses? Do you want to ensure vitality and good health for your leisure horse? Do you want to care for its joints or hooves? Do you want to boost your horse’s energy? We offer a wide range of feed and feed supplements for your horse’s welfare. Review them all to find the best solution for your horse. A horse with a rich and varied diet and a harmonious physique is a horse in good health with all the keys to get results and work in the best conditions. Remember that!

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