Should I give my horse flakes or pellets?

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There is a wide variety of equine feed on the market. Form, price, and palatability come into play when choosing, and all have advantages and disadvantages. However, you must put yourself in your horse’s place and choose a solution that ensures its intestinal comfort.

The many advantages of flaked cereals over pellets

Flakes improve starch digestion by approximately 20% compared to pellets due to how the cereal is flaked (steam, micronised) reducing the risks of cramps and laminitis.

They are particularly appetising and encourage horses to chew their feed longer and more effectively, optimising saliva production.

This type of feed is particularly recommended for fast eaters to prevent the risks of oesophageal obstruction.

It does not matter if the feed is in flakes or pellets, consistency is what is important

It should be remembered that horses are creatures of habit and varying their feed does not suit them.

Humans could not stand eating the same food day in, day out without any variety in taste and flavour, or pleasure in looking at food, but this is not at all the case for horses. We should respect this difference and not develop any anthropomorphism with regard to feed expectations that would be detrimental to the welfare of our equine friends.

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