A suitable diet for my horse

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An adapted diet is essential to preserve the health and physical condition of our horse. Although feeding a horse properly is simple, there are certain characteristics to consider.

At Royal Horse, we are experts in horse feeding. We not only offer the product that suits you best, but we also tell you how to feed your horse properly.


First of all, to feed the horses properly, it is a herbivorous animal with a small stomach. This makes it designed to ingest small amounts of food, but several times a day.

Although it is a strong and vigorous animal, it is often thought that it should eat a lot. As mentioned above, this is not the case. It should be fed several times a day with small portions (because of its stomach) depending on the size and exercise that the horse does during the day.


It is essential that it is fed with compound feeds exclusively for horses. In addition, feeding must be routine. What do we mean by that? Feed it regularly at a daily rate.

It is advisable to maintain this routine and stick to your schedule every day. Let’s try not to change the routine unnecessarily, as the horse could suffer from disorders.



Another important point for a horse-friendly diet is rest and exercise.

After feeding the animal, it is advisable to let it rest for at least one hour. Although the horse is not in competition, it is important to exercise every day, without exception. A major consequence of lack of exercise is digestive problems.


A topical issue regarding horse feeding is the care of horses during the summer. Don’t forget to always hydrate it: give the horse fresh water.

We have already given you some advice on how to feed the horse properly. Now all you have to do is choose the right food for your horse. Discover all the products we have in our shop. Click here.

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