Are mineral supplements necessary?

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Cereal-rich rations have unbalanced mineral content. It is very important to only give your horse supplements that have been specifically designed for horses. Each species has specific needs and ratios between minerals; an unsuitable product could harm your horse’s health.

Minerals, essential for your horse

Horses need various nutrients and trace elements.

Horses need a sufficient and balanced intake of phosphorus and calcium and, most importantly, the calcium-phosphate ratio must be respected. A surplus of one nutrient with respect to the other can have dangerous consequences for the horse. For example, too much phosphorus can weaken bones by preventing calcium from fixing on them.

It is essential that the daily ration provides a quantity that is sufficient for the horse’s physiologic status or workload.

When balanced feed is given, mineral supplements are not required on a daily basis as minerals are already present in the feed.

Ideal mineral supplement times and lengths

Our recommendation is to supplement your horse for at least  20-30 days to be effective. Supplements may be required at difficult times of the year, such as autumn (growth of the winter coat), spring (winter coat shedding), and during the summer for horses with heavy workloads to replace the minerals lost in sweat.

I give my horse a balanced feed, do I still need to give it mineral supplements?

Yes. Mineral salt exists because feed is calculated based on the workload of an average population of horses. If your horse is above this average (in working time or workload) or below it (if your horse easily stocks nutrients and needs very little food to maintain it), it may need mineral supplements.

Only give your horse supplements tailored for horses 


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