What feed to use and why?

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How to compare the different feeds?

There are many brands of horse feeds on the market, with prices that can range from cheap to what may seem expensive. There are “small” companies that we could consider “local” or “regional”, while others, larger, cover the national territory or even export internationally.

Traditionally, these local or regional companies produce a small number of products to cover their range of horses, while the more “specialised” companies deal with a greater variety of products, to cover the different needs of horses, whether they are physiological for breeding or according to the different energy requirements of the horses depending on their activity or even the discipline in which they are trained.


There is no multifunctional feed for horses that work regularly, i.e. that can be used for horses of different ages, foals and horses with different physical activities, as each horse has different nutrient requirements depending on its age and the activity it performs, it cannot be used in the same way for a horse that works lightly every day and a horse that is in competition, which involves intense and repeated physical effort, you cannot use a single feed and simply vary the amount of food in your ration because the horse’s stomach has a low capacity and our complementary feeds are formulated by type of energy requirement in order to have a ration that should not exceed three litres per meal.


The ingredients with which balanced feeds are made and the proportion in which they are incorporated is a good indicator of their quality, quality horse feeds must be made with oats, barley and corn in proportions that are reasoned to limit the starch content of the feed to a level that is physiologically acceptable to the horse that does not know how to manage excess starch (ulcers), degradation of the flora responsible for the degradation of the fibres), on the fibre side, the use of alfalfa is no longer to be demonstrated but the diversity of fibre sources is an important point in the good balance of the horse’s microbiota.

Another quality factor which is more difficult for the horse owner to perceive and which often represents only one percent of the feed but which is the intelligence of the product is what we provide in terms of vitamins, trace elements and minerals in each of our feeds. These contributions are all appropriate according to the destination of the feed and the daily quantity taken by the horse. This is also why we sometimes manufacture several products for the same destination in order to cover all the physiological needs of your horses whatever their physiological stages or activities. The form in which its ingredients are supplied can give you an idea of the quality of your product, we are talking in particular about chelated trace elements or organic selenium which boosts the bioavailability of these elements and makes it possible to limit their supply.


Protein content is another important point to consider, and as for the rest, its intake must be reasoned according to your horse’s needs. Another criterion is the quality of the protein sources used and the way in which the formulas are supplemented with limiting amino acids such as lysine for example. Taking all these criteria into account and not the percentage of protein on the label will then enable you to judge the quality of the feed.

Consequently, whatever the feed, it is the daily intake (your horse’s daily ration) and its protein quality that you should look at. Products with a high energy potential will have a higher protein content because they are distributed in small quantities to cover the needs of an athletic horse.


Another quality criterion is the intake of pre or probiotics via your feed, they provide digestive safety by promoting the colonisation of beneficial bacteria, and depending on the origin they stimulate immunity and can boost the bacteria responsible for fibre breakdown.

The use of a balanced food from a brand such as Royal Horse offers you the guarantee that behind each bag there is a quality process that follows all stages of production. That we invest in research and development in order to offer high-performance products that are always aimed at improving the well-being of your horses. But more than just a feed, Royal Horse has put at your disposal a range of services so that you can find the answer to your questions as easily as possible and use our products with maximum efficiency.

Do not hesitate to visit our website www.royal-horse.com to find the product adapted to your horse’s needs and in just a few clicks calculate your horse’s ration according to its weight and energy requirements by downloading our free application  . https://royal-horse.com/your-horse/estimate-horse-ration/


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