How to properly treat horses? We tell you everything

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Taking care of horses is not something to neglect, it takes time, but it is one of the most rewarding experiences ever.


But what happens in summer? We need to take precautions so that our horse is always in the best conditions, because (so far) horses don’t talk and can’t tell us how they feel, so we are the ones who have to anticipate their needs.

If you are already suffering from heat waves, imagine your horse that generally adapts better to the cold than to the heat! Rest assured, we are here to share with you the care you need to take into account for this summer, take note!



Hydratation please: what happens to us in summer? We do not stop sweating, the same thing happens to horses, they sweat, so they suffer a great loss of fluids. For this reason, horses need to maintain good hydration, and here we give you a secret. The water you give your horse must be clean and fresh, so you must be aware or make sure that the water point is clean. A final tip, make sure to clean the water tank you use at least once a week.

Be careful with great effort: avoid making great physical efforts, especially during the hottest hours of the day. Although this may seem obvious, it should not be forgotten that at the sunniest hours, it is better for horses to rest in the shade and have fresh, clean water nearby. In case you have to do a certain type of activity, such as the necessary daily exercise of competition horses, it is best to choose the early morning or late afternoon, your horse will thank you indirectly. And if you train in the sunniest hours, your horse’s health could be affected, and that’s something we want to avoid.

We can create new environments: it’s easy, when it’s very hot, we can go to the pool to cool off or put the air conditioning at home, but a horse doesn’t have that reserve, so we have to create new environments for it ourselves. So, let’s get to work with the cool stable.

A good diet: a correct diet is the key to maintain and ensure the health of the animal in perfect conditions and during all periods of the year, that’s why everything is not worth it, because in hot weather and especially in summer, you have to pay a little more attention to the diet. Choose a horse feed that suits your conditions and needs, both in terms of health and objectives.

Beware of insects: the increase in heat is related to the increase in the number of insects that can sting and injure animals. We therefore recommend regular visits to the veterinarian and that additional measures such as animal repellents be taken. We want your horse to be in the best conditions at all times.

That being said, we must tell you that food for your horse is something fundamental in their daily lives, because it keeps them alive, literally, and we tell you this so that you become aware of their food.

Eating is a horse’s favourite pastime, and eating plenty of fibre can help prevent stomach ulcers because chewing produces saliva, and saliva reduces stomach acidity. It also helps to reduce colic because it activates intestinal function and reduces gas production, it also keeps the intestines in place and prevents twisting, because a full intestine is much less flexible than a vacuum intestine.

The ingestion of fodder is essential for many body functions and to keep your horse healthy. Be aware of the importance of good nutrition for your horse, there is no perfect food for all horses, because each of them must feed according to their characteristics or objectives, as we commented in last month’s blog, it is not the same food for a leisure horse as for a competition horse. What is common to all of us is that the diet you choose must be supervised by veterinarians and quality, we can help you do that, because we have everything your horse may need. Let us advise you by professionals and achieve your objectives.

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