Preventing joint problems in your horse

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Most of the time, the way we use our horses puts stress on the joints, tendons, and ligaments. Overtraining or working on terrain not suited to the discipline you practice can cause lameness.  Here are a few tips to prevent joint problems in your horse.

To avoid lameness and joint problems:

  • have your horse’s hooves regularly trimmed by the farrier;
  • give it a balanced diet. If necessary, seek advice from a specialist
  • plan work adapted to your horses age and physical condition;
  • whatever your discipline, work on suitable terrain;
  • wash your horse’s legs regularly, especially after heavy sessions;
  • pick out its feet every day.

If your horse’s joints are particularly stressed (competitions, races), they may be subject to weakening. This problem usually clears up with rest. However, it can become chronic, although this does not always cause visible locomotion problems.

Among the joint diseases in horses, arthritis is the most common. It is more commonly found in senior horses. This disease causes lameness and pain considered mechanical (relieved by rest).

Any rider concerned about their horse’s welfare must therefore pay special attention to its joint comfort to ensure its proper locomotion for as long as possible.

Protecting horses’ joints with C500 feed supplement

C500 is a feed supplement promoting joint comfort in horses, and it is particularly suitable for sport horses or senior horses.

It is composed of three active ingredients that specifically target the joints:

  • chondroitin, which protects joints, prevents pain, and helps rebuild cartilage; it is of non-animal origin for Royal Horse;
  • a combination of glucosamine and MSM, promoting flexibility and elasticity in the joints.
  • AOelite, a plant complex of antioxidants that limits inflammatory effects.

It should be used as a one-month preventive treatment twice a day for horses at risk or you can administer 50g a day for senior horses. For horses already experiencing joint discomfort, the treatment should last four months until the lameness disappears and joint comfort is regained.

Royal Horse recommendation : C-500 – complementary feed for the horse’s joints, Joint Safe Guard

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