Boost the horn regrowth of your horses with the C-400 Royal Horse

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Discover the food supplement C-400 containing Biotin and Prokeratine

Discover the New C-400 Royal Horse Food Supplement on sale online

First feed supplement for horses that combines BIOTIN and PROKERATIN exclusive to Royal Horse to boost the regrowth of the feet of your horses

Biotin is a vitamin of the group B. It is also found on the labels of products containing it under the name vitamin B8 or vitamin H.

In horses, Biotin is mainly synthesized in the cecum by the action of cellulolytic bacteria responsible for fiber digestion.

Biotin is essential to treat the horn problems of horses’ feet

Biotin has a non-negligible role in several metabolic reactions such as cell growth or energy production but it is better known by horse owners for its action on dander and more particularly in the treatment of horn of foot problems in horses.

When we look at the composition of the horn, we can see that it is largely composed of Keratin which is a protein composed of specific amino acids. These amino acids are not necessarily in sufficient quantities in the basic rations of our horses when they need to rebuild part of their damaged foot. This deficiency in the amino acid keratin makes the action of Biotin ineffective. To illustrate this phenomenon we could compare Biotin to cement and Keratin to bricks and without a regular supply of bricks the wall cannot be built quickly.

This is why Royal Horse has imagined a supplement associating Biotin and a specific complex of amino acids PROKERATIN in the C400 HOOF ACTIV REPAIR.

The C-400 activates the regrowth of the horn of +30% after 90 days

In fact, our scientific trials carried out in real life conditions on working horses have proven that supplementation with a product containing a sufficiently high concentration of Biotin, combined with a specific supply of amino acids making up PROKERATIN, activates horn regrowth by + 30% after only 90 days.

You can find all the characteristics of the product through this link by downloading the technical C-400 data sheet.


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