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How to evaluate your horse’s requirement?

You have to know:

  • Your horse’s mean weight: see the page “Estimate your horse’s weight”
  • Your horse’s level of work (rest, light, moderate or intense work)

Horses on artificial bedding (shavings, flax, etc.)

No straw in the stable for the horses to feed on (less chewing activity; risk of cellulose deficiency, etc.)

  • Provide larger quantities of hay: 7 to 8 kg per day
  • Choose a combined feed with a safe formula in terms of protein/cellulose balance (S 100, S 200, S 250)

How to evaluate nutritional content?


Nutritional content in the basic ration excluding combined feeds:

  • Type of basic ration (straw, hay, cereals, grass)
  • Characteristics (hay quality, grass composition (seasonal effect)
  • Exact quantities ingested

Nutritional content to be sourced from combined feeds in order to supplement the basic ration:

Typical ration calculation:

Horses weighing 500 kg, undergoing moderate work: 1 to 2 hours a day, walking, trotting, cantering, require:

  • 7.5 EFU
  • 480 g of EDNM
  • 10 to 12 kg of DM



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