Research & Development

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Research & Development

Since 1970, Royal Horse has embodied at its core an approach to innovation based on solid experimental means, coordinated by its Research and Development Department and having delivered major technical advances that made an impact on the horse food industry.  

Today the brand possesses a unique capacity for innovation in horse nutrition, thanks to:

  • An international presence in nearly 20 countries,
  • A team of experts (veterinary surgeons and horse nutritionists) in France, Brazil, Mexico and Indonesia,
  • A network of loyal clients throughout the world. The brand tests all its innovative solutions in real-life conditions (e.g. work, competition, transport)
  • Research targeting welfare, health and performance improvements, fully in line with Royal Horse’s values.

ROYAL HORSE collaborates with the best research teams worldwide in horse nutrition, such as the French Agrosup DIJON school and the French National Riding School in Saumur (ENE), the Veterinary School of Sao Paolo and the equine physiology institute EquiTest.

Always aiming to be precise in its nutritional solutions, the brand strives relentlessly to maintain its lead in the fields of raw material science (in terms of fibre quality, fat profiles, protein digestibility), which requires continuous updates to our formulas and techniques.

The brand also seeks to be a major player in the digital revolution of the equine world through its involvement in the development of connected solutions that meet the new needs of horse owners:

  • Created an application that facilitates decision-making, customises rations, tracks animal weight and manages the horse’s work schedule
  • Established strategic equity holdings and synergies with start-ups developing innovative projects for the equine industry (e.g. Equisense).

Our devotion to never-ending innovation allows us to bring to market the high-performance food products and disruptive solutions that have made ROYAL HORSE’s reputation in the equestrian world

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